Today in the city Cold Lake 25.06.2017
Andrew Loku was ‘excited, happy’ in weeks before his death

The first day of the inquest into Andrew Loku’s death offered a detailed outline of his life, including the source of his mental health challenges.

These Are The Childhood Movies Dads Wants To Share With Their Kids

Becoming a father for the first time is always exciting. After all, not only does this mean you get to impart all your wisdom to your wee one, but you get to share all your favourite things with them,...

Ten large-cap Canadian stocks that could be red flags

We look for large-cap Canadian stocks trading at optimistic valuation levels, which could signify they are currently overvalued

Why The Negativity Around For-Profit Child Care?

"Child care should be for sale." "... Children aren't for profit." "Money should not be made off the backs of ECEs (Early Childhood Educators) and families." These were some of the posts in a very...

‘I’ve never, in town, been able to see a funnel cloud like that’: Tornado hits just north of Three Hills, Alberta

By evening, the system crossed the border into Saskatchewan, triggering severe thunderstorm warnings in the southern portion of that province

Okanagan Lake could rise another 10 centimetres, forecasters predict

B.C.'s River Forecast Centre is predicting Okanagan Lake could rise another 10 centimeters before it starts subsiding.

Tory MP Bernard Généreux Says Lisa Raitt, Not Andrew Scheer, Should Have Won Leadership

As federal Conservatives try to come together after a lengthy and at times divisive leadership contest, a Tory MP would like it known that he did not vote for Andrew Scheer. Quebec MP Bernard Généreu...

Defeating Terrorism Means Destroying The Supremacist Narrative

The Manchester suicide bomber was noted to drink alcohol, do drugs, and get involved in gangs. Then he became "religious." Those who focus on his involvement with drugs and gangs, explain the Manche...

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